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Creating Confidence in 28 Days: a practical step by step guide

Creating Confidence in 28 Days is a deep dive into the psychology of confidence, what it is (& isn't), and how you can quickly build new habits and behaviours to transform your life. How to manage stress and anxiety, overcoming social anxiety and building self-esteem. This e-book/course is full of tips, strategies and exercises to get you there fast!

  • A detailed analysis of what confidence is and why society largely gets it wrong. Why labels hold people back and why being confident really is a life-choice. Understand what causes a lack of confidence and the link to social anxiety. Learn how to manage stress and anxiety through simple yet powerful techniques. Learn how our minds run patterns and scripts that hijack our thought processes and how you can regain control, adjusting your physiology to calm the mind. Construct a Confidence ‘Anchor’ and discover how to change your mindset so that you can construct a positive ‘forward’ mindset to let go of the past. An entire chapter on Confident Communication, how to speak in public, with easy tips and hacks to help you get over those nerves. Identify and construct a new set of habits and behaviours. Then learn how to integrate them into your life. Building resilience, harnessing adrenaline, managing conflict and much more. Each week contains techniques, exercises and tasks that combine to form a structured, step-by-step approach that enables you to continue to learn as you grow in confidence. Each week building upon the last, until you have everything you need to transform your life.
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Creating Confidence in 28 Days: a practical step by step guide

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